Shawn Tompkins on Kimbo

Said there in the gym twice a day and Kimbo is coming along pretty fast, said dont expect a boxing match against Mercer. Also said Kimbo is gonna be a force to reckon with in the future after some more serious training.

^^^ You're wrong no matter who you are talkin about.

Mercer-- why would the better boxer kick?

Kimbo-- Why would a guy who doesn't EVER kick start kicking and expose himself the the huge boxer ko counter?

I've spoken to his trainers.  He don't kick.  So I have some idea of what I'm saying.

Let alone that anyone with eyes and a fight IQ can see that he is not a kicker.  But I don't wanna be a dick about it.

GnP baby, GnP.

"I've spoken to his trainers. He don't kick. So I have some idea of what I'm saying."

So you know Tompkins and Coutore on a personal level?

Not on a personal level.  They might recognize me.  But I have spoken Tompkins about Kmibo's training.  But even if I hadn't, it's pretty obvious that you wouldn't tell him to leg kick against a one-time world-class boxer.

btw, sorry that I might be being rude.  But I am a little buzzed.  If I was sober, I'd say the same stuff but more tactful.

Its gonna be a takedown, followed by lots of punches and elbows.

I 100% agree.

Your sitting up on your computer at 5:45 am drinking?

yeah.  came back from a couple drinks at the bar.  It's 3am over here.  I have to finish an assignment by 9am, so I'll be sleeping soon.

"What makes everyone think Kevin is going to use GNP against Mercer?"

Because he's training with top notch guys who aren't going to send him in to box a world class boxer.

A young Tank Abbott is still MUCH stronger, aggressive, and has MUCH MUCH more KO power, not to mention actual wrestling experience. he would have TRAINWRECKED Kimbo.

LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let Kimbo fight with his fists! thats what got him this fight. If it goes to the ground we will all lose via boring ground fight.

Why is it lame to train for MMA?

Its not a bare knuckle backyard fight this time. It would be stupid to not train ground.

Fabes, see my BAIT AND SWITCH thread.