Shawn Tompkins...

First post but I really don't know who to talk to but I just want to write it down really.
Living in Vegas I have gone from Xtreme to Tapout
Shawn has always been around. I may not have been one of his students but he gave me a sort of respect he gave his fighters. I don't understand why or anything but that is just who the man is. It hurts deeply that this man is gone
It starts sinking in and it really sucks
I have taken two of his pro classes and only made it out of one of them
The second one.. Well Chris Horidecki knows how to throw a right hook into the guard of an opponent and thats all she wrote. Shawn knew to have me sit out after that and he just laughed and made sure I was alright
He was one of the few guys at the gym that would go out of his way while I am in BJJ class to say hi
To say Tapout will not be the same is an understatement
To think of going back to that gym on Tuesday is like joining a brand new gym
Before I had a grappling tournament a few months ago him and Keebo Robinson let me grapple their pro team to get me ready for the tournament
Those were some of the hardest grappling sessions and in my mind the most rewarding
I have such respect for the man and thanks to anyone that reads this
Life is such a puzzle and this is one of those things where I am like.. Why.. Why did this happen

I really appreciate someone responding at least so thanks man
It is one of those too late things in my mind
I always wanted to fight and be with the brand of his team
Just always too scared to commit to fighting so I just stuck with BJJ
My heart goes out to his team and his wife though
He will for sure be remembered as a legend


God bless his family. And my fren it isn't ever to late. Maybe find another bjj'er and get an ammy fight. U don't need to fight bj Penn. And dedicate it to him. Its small things that make a person smile during times like these Phone Post

Thank man I appreciate it and I am sure more people knew him better and have more stories
I want to go to the gym Tuesday just to hear all the good stories


Great post.


I read about this today and I am still in shock. I met Shawn in 2000 when I fought in the UCC. I saw him on and off over the years and the last time was in 2010 when I was training in Vegas for UFC 110. We were like old friends and he was extremely helpful and friendly and even made time to help me out with my training personally when I was at Tapout. His death is a great loss to his family, friends, students and the MMA Community as a whole. RIP.


Thanks for the heartfelt posts, Teh and Elvis. My heart goes out to Shawn's family. Phone Post

Very sad. I met him in Montreal and I liked him a lot as he was just a class act. Sam Stout must just be destroyed over this. Totally sad news.

 Nice post.