Shaz! one not for the good guys

Does NY have Castle Doctrine laws? I'm glad my state does. Have you run into Michael Hewson yet?

Black Man Found Guilty in Death of White Teen in Racially-Charged Case

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. -- A black man accused of killing a white teen during a racially charged confrontation outside his home was convicted of second-degree manslaughter Saturday despite his claims he feared a "lynch mob" had come to attack his family.

The ruling came on the fourth day of deliberations following an emotional three-week trial in which defense attorneys invoked the nation's violent racist past in arguing the shooting was justified.

There was no visible reaction in the packed courtroom as the jury announced the verdict. John White, 54, was permitted to remain free on bail until sentencing, when he is to face a prison term of 5-15 years. White also was convicted of a weapons possession misdemeanor that carries a penalty of two to seven years in prison, which would likely run concurrently with the sentence for manslaughter.

Saying White planned to appeal, defense attorney Fred Brewington called the verdict "disappointing for African-Americans" in the area.

"You have to survive in Suffolk County, where people can role up on your house at 11:30 at night, threaten you, threaten your family, curse at you, call you a nigger, and you've got to take it," he said

Sad that a man doesn't have the right to defend himself.,0,6024585.story

Chalifoux also questioned White about why he never called police that night, despite having dialed 911 on various occasions for far less serious matters; why a man portrayed as "peaceful" kept an arsenal of weapons; why White allowed his teenage son to carry a loaded shotgun; and why a 54-year-old man pointed his own loaded gun at a group of unarmed teens.

Those are the dangers of a trial. You never know what a jury is going to do. OJ Simpson is walking the street. Scott Peterson is on death row for having an affair with a skank.

I watched the opening statements in that trial. I probably shouldn't comment, other than to say that just because something is printed in the newspaper doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the whole story.


Saw on the news that Rev. Al protested Shaz!


Well let's now get crazy here. He wasn't protesting me, just the white power structure that I represent and enjoy.