She-Hulk ratings fail, a first for Marvel

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It’s actually 100% reasonable and realistic that she has to control her anger infinitely more than Hulk does. Women tend to fret over minor, inconsequential shit whereas Hulk likely lets most things slide, as he should.


It’s terrible. But my wife seems to like it so I try to get some points watching it with her.

Is that because of the MCU movies?

The girl from Napoleon Dynamite and Jax’s girlfriend in Sons of Anarchy, respectively.

It doesn’t matter, they are not going broke despite going woke and doubling down on it.

Muh god thats hilarious. I also love how she might get murdered.

Male homicide rate in the Americas is almost 10 times that of females.


But is there financial success due to having MCU movies? Do you think they would be as successful without them?

I’ll probably hate binge it once it’s all out just to see if anything interesting for future MCU projects happens.

That’s my other complaint about the show… episodes are too damn short, just when the plots going somewhere…boom…credits

I enjoy the show. It has fun cameos and doesnt take itself too seriously. Targeted at women which is fine.

SN checks out


Up 6% over what period? The stock is basically flat over the last 5 years and is down both over the last year and YTD. A stock that has been hammered increasing by 6% isn’t exactly a victory.

Worse than “Love and Thunder”? Two hours I’ll never get back

You could have spent those two hours on the OG



There aren’t 220 million homes in America. Tafuck is 221 million sub scribers???

Hulk was saving the universe with the Avengers while this skank was twerking. Fuck outta here

Wow, a flashback to Cory Everson’s bodybuilding and espn fitness show!