She-Hulk tv show will mix satire and cool feminist commentary

This will be great for the fags and feminists who watch it.

Because if you watch shit like this you are a faggot


You don’t like smart satire with a lot of really cool feminist commentary?

Yeah, I don’t remember he being particularly ‘feminist’ either until he recent solo run that this show is based on, which is centered on her day-to-day life and legal career as Jen Walters rather than her superhero side hustle. I’m expecting an Ally McBeal knockoff, with the occasional superhero punch-up.

Feminist commentary is never “cool.”

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Thanos’ brother Starfox had the power of turning any rape rape into a “rape.”

Thanos was never MeToo’d

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Real soon? The only loosely related MCU production since endgame that was not hot garbage was Spider-Man. Seriously they’ve gone far beyond that already. It’s now all fringe characters no one cares about. And everything they release has been agenda pushing woke garbage.

I’m not real interested in this but I can accept that it’s not for me. It’s for girls and women, who happen to like the same geeky shot us guys do. I’m sure a lot of hard cores will check it out too.

Spider-Man was ok. It’s biggest problem is it was too long. Three spideys was fun.

Make that movie 30 min shorter and it improves quite a bit.

The other thing they fucked up is that Parker is dopey. He is shown to be incredibly smart but rarely. Most scenes he is a deer caught in headlights and doesn’t know wtf he is doing. Comic spidey is not that.

I’ve also been of the opinion that no Spider-Man since Tobey perfectly played both spidey and Parker. He was smart as Parker. He was also demonstrably as strong as he should be. For example Holland spidey being beat by heroes who in the comic he would absolutely smoke.

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Isn’t it phoning it in?

Dialing it in is to really focus and get it right


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Easier than going door to door or tattooing them

Except how many of those types of girls are there?

Is there a huge market of geeky superhero girls that will be watching this? if not advertisers won’t be spending money and this show will lose big time

It is a good comparison.
There was a time when I wouldn’t miss anything MCU and went out of my way to watch everything, including movies, tv shows, the One Shots & more.
Now MCU material is increasingly “meh”. Not only have I found quite a bit of it uninteresting, there have been multiple things I didn’t finish or never even watched.
A few years ago, I’d have never thought that.

I see this notion thrown around more and more - I think it’s a giant cop out.
There has been a shitload of stuff over the years that wasn’t “for me”, but I still enjoyed. I watched cartons with my daughter, then my granddaughter and enjoyed them. Romantic comedies are written for women, but if it’s done well, I can enjoy it. My daughter never really cared about cars, but still used to love watching Top Gear (back when it was good) with me.
But now, half the time I don’t like something, I’m told to STFU because it wasn’t made “for me”.
(Not saying this about you V17…just saying in general.)
Maybe it’s not that you made something that wasn’t “for me”. Maybe it’s that you made something that relied more on pandering to get eyeballs & ratings than you did just making something good.
Don’t make something that has a [insert group of people here] as the lead, then hope it’s good enough for everyone to enjoy. Instead, make something that’s good enough for everyone to enjoy, then put a [insert group of people here] in the lead.