She Missed the First Time ...

She got both the second time.

I almost feel bad for this guy, as in, he really, really picked the wrong woman to grope.


Looks fake to me, but maybe not, i guess.


Op, did you shift a little on the first one so you could get a second ?


Definitely fake.  

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iiwant to believe

No way.

Yeah, definitely looks staged. I feel better about almost feeling bad for the guy.

Didn't someone recently make a thread about some ball pains asking if they need to go to see a doctor 

No way a moving elevator has its doors open that quickly after pressing a button 


Not fake, he’s just a WWE wrestler and is used to giving that reaction to being hit.

Couldn't be Biden... Not old and creepy enough


Mostly peaceful elevator 

People actually believe these? The student who made that will be so proud they fooled someone!

Fake as fuck.

On a fighting board you think that looks like a real fight? How did you get here? Do you watch any fights? 

Fake and gay.