She Was All About That VAN LIFE

I know people who are having home depot sheds built. Upgrade with insulation. Have a plumber, hook up hot and cold water, one working shitter and shower. voila.

It is brilliant. wtf makes a house better. it is the same shit. exterior. add 1000 bucks of insulation and sheetrock. plumbing and outlets. dude your in it for 30g minus land. it is a perfect way to say fuck you to overpriced housing.


Not as insightful or as intelligent as he thinks.


Rape shed imo.

Good luck bringing a chick home to that.


that officer is fucked if that is correct

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You’re still living in a shed. No thanks


Yep, I actually looked up Utah’s law for DV, they have a duty to arrest. Third party complainant, both say they are arguing, he’s showing physical signs of an altercation. Officer is fucked.


Both of them, according to the police report

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hey hey - can you quote the part that you think makes it clear he had a duty to arrest? i have to run out but will look it over when i get back, i looked at it briefly and it looks like he had discretion unless there was serious bodily injury or he believed there would be more violence after he left.


In addition to the arrest powers described in Section 77-7-2, when a peace officer responds to a domestic violence call and has probable cause to believe that an act of domestic violence has been committed, the peace officer shall arrest without a warrant or shall issue a citation to any person that the peace officer has probable cause to believe has committed an act of domestic violence.

Someone should tell the thousands of people in Los Angeles living in vans and motorhomes they could be making money online.

They should also tell them they need to travel across country to get more views and hopefully they never come back.

For real though there is sooo many junkies living like this.

I admire a lot of the people doing this by choice.

This is the house where the boyfriend is now. His parents home, and where the van was found.


Depending on the outcome of course, not sure how the girls family doesn’t kill this guy.

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Better yet, you could live in a tent on the street. It’s a perfect way to say fuck you to those overpriced Home Depot Shed prices.


Fuck NO !!! They may end up in my state


so he can do either, and later it says he can also not do either;

" (c) If a peace officer does not immediately exercise arrest powers or initiate criminal proceedings by citation or otherwise, the officer shall notify the victim of the right to initiate a criminal proceeding and of the importance of preserving evidence, in accordance with the requirements of Section 77-36-2.1."

edit - i think, sometimes i need an actual cop or lawyer to chime in to make sure i am reading clauses and such correctly

You’re talking to one


ahh am i reading that right? he doesnt have to arrest or cite?