Did you steal Dennis Kang from Canada?

I don't think I'm talking to you anymore.

folding my arms across my chest, turning my back and pouting

I cried for 5 hours straight when I found out Shelby Walker was off the market.

5 hours? Damn, did you have to re-hydrate?

Oh man, I would pay to see Shelby tee off on Jessica Simpson.

Except I am mad she steals fighters from Canada.

So I won't pay.

Yeah, we'd have to stop her...

5 hours straight. and then I cried for another hour this mkorning.

C'mon Kang, share the wealth buddy.


If I had an extremly hot girlfriend who was interested in the same things I am, I would for sure give some of you guys a chance to go out with her (no funny business though)

shelbygirl has been drooling over dennis for some time, but when did they start going out?

Talk about your kick ass couple.

Wow, good news travels fast. Denis will be part of American Top Team as of Jan 17th. So sorry:) You guys can come visit him :P

Ummm, I am way taller than Jessica Simpson. She is 5'2 I am almost 5'8.


First Michael J. Fox

Then Wayne Gretzky

and now Denis Kang


btw, Best of Luck Denis!!!

But you'd fight her wouldn't ya?

If need be!!! lol


For you Dougie


...but it's ok. We have to take you in now as an honorary Canuck.

Hey, whatever it takes.



I can't take this anymore.

Let's go Denis. you punk! You and me. Winner gets Shelby. I'll kick your ass!!!

(hopes Denis doesn't use the internet to find my home address and come to my front door and beats the living piss out of me)

Hey! You leave Shelby alone! She's an honorary Canuck now!


The US did take Michael J. Fox, Wayne gretzky, and Denis Kang from us. But the jokes on them. They took Celine Dion also. haha. losers.