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shenmue is all about martial arts so just wanted to share this and just a die hard fan of shenmue.
Well, Shenmue fans have been waiting for 14. Their game was released on the doomed Dreamcast console. The SEGA that funded the game is long dead and buried. And yet, somehow, Shenmue fans have been surprisingly resilient, unable to accept the death of their beloved franchise and move on. What is it about Shenmue that inspired this kind of passion?
Shenmue was released at a moment where the future of gaming was very much in question. It symbolized all of SEGA’s hopes and dreams, and was a peak moment for Japanese creativity and ambition in gaming. Shenmue’s creator, the legendary Yu Suzuki, was attempting to fundamentally push games forward in a big way. Ultimately, the Dreamcast just couldn’t compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Shenmue found itself released on a console with a fast approaching expiration date. Shenmue II was released half-heartedly on the Xbox, and it was clear that the dream was dead.
To a generation of fans, Shenmue came to represent an aborted vision for gaming’s future.hard to compare Shenmue to anything else, because there is simply nothing else like it. One could say thatShenmue is an “open world” game but it is not like any other game that comes to mind when you hear that phrase.
Shenmue is a singular piece of work.
This is a game where you can call your friends on the phone for absolutely no reason and than have really awkward conversations. You can go to the convenience store and spend a bunch of time trying to find the right food for an abandoned kitten. You can try to bury your grief for your dead father by distracting yourself with arcade games and gambling. If you stay out too long, your housekeeper Ine-san will let you know that she was worried about you. You can still stay out late if you want, but you’ll feel guilty about it. this is shenmue Phone Post 3.0

games, especially “open world” games, seek to impress by throwing as much information at you as possible. Look at all those hills! You can walk up them and maybe you will find a bandit that you can kill!
Shenmue has its own kind of grandiose scale and it is found in the micro-detailing that has been applied to every aspect of the game’s universe.
Shenmue is a game in which you can walk through every room in your house, pick up every item, open every drawer, and really feel that everything was put there for a reason. should not forget that Shenmue was created by Yu Suzuki, creator of the Virtua Fighter series. Martial arts violence is commonplace in video games, but Shenmue was always interested in dealing with the more philosophical and practical qualities of martial arts, rather than just the visceral violence.
Shenmue is a game in which you must practice carefully in order to improve. You’ll find yourself standing with an old man in a park practicing the same simple move over and over until you can do it elegantly.
Again, Shenmue is not like other games. Phone Post 3.0

Shenmue summons up a true sense of place. If you want to know what it was like to live on the coast of Japan in 1986, this game is as close as you’ll ever get. The game has an undiluted sense of cultural immersion that is totally unique. It is not just cosmetic, you can truly interact with almost everything in the world around you.
Shenmue also had an innovative weather and time of day system that was jaw-dropping when the game was first released. Every inhabitant of the game’s village had their own schedule, seeming to live their own life. As the seasons changed, it was reflected beautifully by the game world. few days ago, the impossible happened. On the Sony stage at E3, Yu Suzuki came out and announced that he was working on Shenmue III and was launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for it.
The campaign reached its two million dollar goal in less than ten hours and will run until July 17th. Phone Post 3.0

sorry for huge post guys but im very passionate about martial arts and mma in general and shenmue was one of the games that put me on that path so just wanted to share this article and ask for support on kickstarter! thanks!! Phone Post 3.0

I loved that game on DC. Forklift job was sweet. I spent way to much time and money at the coin machines. Phone Post 3.0

WuDaddy - I loved that game on DC. Forklift job was sweet. I spent way to much time and money at the coin machines. Phone Post 3.0
My best friend and I just had this discussion, I loved the forklift and shadow boxing in the park. Vu op Phone Post 3.0

Link? Phone Post 3.0

WuDaddy - I loved that game on DC. Forklift job was sweet. I spent way to much time and money at the coin machines. Phone Post 3.0
Was an awesome game on the DC. Wish I kept that system Phone Post 3.0

I can't believe people have fond memories of the forklift. That whole 3rd disc sucked and ruined the game for me.


I loved those games... I always wanted a conclusion to the story. I'm backing the kickstarter. Phone Post 3.0

Hello Ryo!!! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah but it set up done epic moments... Game was great, best on DC and top 10 of all time Phone Post 3.0

Shenmue never die Phone Post 3.0

thanks guys it was always a underrated gem it was the first free roam game! Phone Post 3.0

Played the shit outta that game Phone Post 3.0

Been a poorly run campaign so far Phone Post 3.0

I must be too young. The ShenMue I played on xbox sucked Donkey dick Phone Post

the company thatsbdoing the kickstarter is straight up retarded, i dont think any shenmue game is bad they just take some patience. was way ahead of its time Phone Post 3.0

If a blue would be so kind Phone Post 3.0