Sherdog Aricle on Kerr and ACF

The crowd really did give Kerr hell. Booing and chanting you suck. The reports of there being a near riot weren't exaggerated.

"Whether Kerr wants to retire or not, he's retired. "


Yup. Sims is a fucking idiot. I hope he continues to enjoy beating cans.


yea, Sims is a fucking moron.

"yea, Sims is a fucking moron. "

Who would have guessed?

Just like Fedor pussed out all those times he said the Cro Cop fight couldn't happen because of his injured hand, right?

Something fucked up did definately go on. But I don't think it was him "Pussing" out because of fighting Sims. He has fought a lot bigger, better than Sims.

"oh my dear lord did you just draw a comparison between fedor and mark kerr? DO NOT EVER EVERRRRRRRRRR DO THAT AGAIN. "

Shut the fuck up. It's the same fucking situation. Bottom line, if you're injured, with the type of injury that about 5 sources on here including a source outside this message board have all said, if he delivered a blow hard enough, he has the potential to do perminant damage to his hand, he shouldn't fucking fight. Thats just fucking stupid. He's fucking injured. It's not him ducking anyone. He can't physically perform to the point where he could fight his best. Personally, if I was there, I'd rather not see Kerr fight than to see him fight, punch Sims in the face and then fall down because of the pain to his hand. You have obviously never trained in any form of an art because you'd know exactly how important your hand is. If his hand is as fucked up as people are saying, he had no business fighting and did the smart thing by pulling out of the fight.

"P.S. Fedor did fight with that hand. He just wouldn't fight Crocop with it. I guess Wes Sims is Crocop now if Mark Cur is Fedor. "

My point is, no one gave Fedor shit for doing that. It was a credible injury. But when Kerr does it, it isn't. Fedor did eventually fight with the hand after letting it heal for a while. Kerr will probably do the same. Kerr is legitamently hurt and I believe he does want to make a comeback but I dont think he wants to look like shit when he does so and with him having a badly injured hand, thats all that would happen.

Wes Sims isn't even a legit opponent. Also, I find it funny how you know NOTHING about the story with Kerr yet, you're making stupid fucking assumptions. And you're saying "Dont blame the promoter". It's the fucking promoters fault. He was the one that let this shit go on. Kerr told the promoter a week before the fight he injured his hand and the promoter simply looked the other fucking way on it hoping for a miracle. I find it really hilarious how you're just trying to prove a point with no facts at all behind what you're saying

We will wait until there is an official announcement because arguing over something that NEITHER of us really know the answer to is stupid. There have been 2 people that have came on here that train with Kerr saying what the story was and Cindy O says they're not correct either so I really dont know what to believe. All I know is, I truely doubt Kerr pulled out without a legit reason.

I have proof that Kerr's story is legit...

I'm waiting for Cindy to contact me before I update everyone.

I can tell you this 100%...

The promoter knew Kerr was too hurt to fight...and he continued promoting the fight...even asking Kerr to weigh in...knowing that Kerr was too injured to compete.

^^^ Thought so. Yet, I can see where you're coming from CRE. Also, I wasn't comparing the fighters, I was comparing their similar situations (Fedor and Kerr).

"And Sims really is an idiot. He was on Beatdown and you can tell he isn't too bright. He is currently petitioning a decision in Ohio. Because of his complaint, they have stopped all MMA until they can get the issue resolved. When asked if he would drop his complaint to resume MMA in the state, he said he wouldn't. He was also very confused at very basic questions. "

I hope you guys don't miss this part. He has completely screwed the MMA competitors/community in and around Ohio by doing this, and only because he wants to "fix" his record since he had a loss to Daniel Gracie at the GFC/Arnolds.

Ohio will honor the current licenses out there that they've issued, then they're not going to give any more out until this is resolved, which could take years!

Sims is mad because he fought dirty so then Daniel did too and sent him out on a stretcher


"So Kerr backed out because he was afraid that Sims was going to fight dirty? LMFAO, let's not change the subject. Sims got screwed over last night. What happened in Ohio is irrlevant. "

You're such a bad troll dude... Seriously