Sherdog Biased of Nate Diaz

Read an article on Sherdog about how Nate Diaz was saved by Manny's injury. Seriously, have they not seen Nate fight before? Nate didn't look great against Corey Hill in the first round but he put it together and got the sub.

How can you count a guy out in this sport after 1 round. Nate wasn't cut or beat down or anything, he continued to go for subs, I thought Manny looked gassed going into rnd 2. I think Manny was the fortunate one in this fight, I really do think Nate would have won this fight had it continued.

Someone, anyone, please check to see if Sherdog has a MMA crystal ball. To make comments like that is pure.... well amateur!

they merely stated that manny was dominating the fight until the accident that caused nate to win at that time.

100% truth, they werent trying to predict whether he would end up winning without the injury.


Nate Diaz Ain't No Bitch!!!

"How can you count a guy out in this sport after 1 round."

Where in the article was this said??? Diaz did lose the first round imo.

The article is correct. He was saved. He would of lost otherwise.

Telfo, Tofu... Whatever!

The article states "Nate Diaz, in my opinion, lucked out in his win over Manvel Gamburyan (Pictures) Saturday night. He was getting dominated from the start and it appeared as though he had no answers for the bullish Armenian. "

Sounds like the writer was convinced of a Manny victory to me.


he was getting dominated and didnt have any answers IN THE FIGHT ITSELF! the writer never said that he was going to continue that way

"Manny has NO finishing ability, he's the Armenian Rashad"

Um, he's only ever won by decision once in his entire career. Besides his fight in TUF, his other he semed to fair well with a kimura.

If you watch the 2nd rd Nate pop many a couple of time and look like he was going to take it to manny.

He looked like he was about to be tossed around again for another round.

The writer was absolutely right.

The Diaz brothers have been hated on their whole life. Fuck the Haters. 209 Bitches!


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How can this be a no contest^^^^?

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Manny didn't dominate the first round, it was a close round where he probably got the slight edge.

"Manny didn't dominate the first round, it was a close round where he probably got the slight edge."

Yes he did. He threw him around lik a ragdoll.

Guys the fight wasn't over, it doesn't matter who was dominating. Nate won the fight because he stuffed a takedown and injured Manny. Shit happens, get over it. Maybe somewhere down the line these guys will fight again. TTT for TUF Nate Diaz.


Diaz brothers are the best and that's final.They are real fighters and not just guys who do it for fun.

Corey Hill tossed Nate around for the first round too and we all know what happened. If anyone understands that the fight isn't over until the final bell then it's us MMA fans. Here's just a few...


Some idiot thought the 1st round of Nate/Manny was a 10-8 round, can you believe that. Hey, when you have subs like Nate can pull off or heavy hands like a big striker then the fight is never in the bag.

however as a judo guy he knows subs much better than those mentioned

Nate was Manny's biotch until he injured himself. Close, my ass. Diaz nuthuggers gotta be the gayest, man. Do you people dream about finding yourself in a Diaz sandwich or what? 1st round was close? Bwwwwahhhhhhhhh

Nate needs to thank his lucky stars.

Slight edge to Manny in the first with retarded UFC judging criteria anyway - the fact is Nate was never in trouble and far more busy than Manny.

When are td's that do nothing going to be recognized as merely a positional change - cos that's pretty much all that Manny got off against Nate.