Sherdog Biased of Nate Diaz

"Diaz brothers are the best and that's final.They are real fighters and not just guys who do it for fun."

No, they fight for money like everyone else.

I dont think they were hating but everyone knows Manny won that first round Convincingly.

"Diaz Bros = Not bitches

sherdog = bitches"

Great analysis!

Convincingly? Not! But I will not repeat what others have said on that.

Even if Manny won the 1st round, so the fuck what?

I swear, if my guy Nate (or Nick) had a fight stopped for his injury after a winning first round you wouldn't, or won't, hear me whining and being all bitter, all "would have, should have" about it because either Diaz brother would own up like a man that he lost.

I would not disrespect my own fighter by whining like a bitter little bitch about shit that can't be proven.

I sympathize with your disappointment. Beyond that, imo, you dishonor Manny, for whom I have immense respect. I seriously doubt he would talk like you do even in private. He has too much honor.


Diaz was going to loose that fight 8 or 9 out of 10 times. I've seen first hand Manny's sub's much better than maynard's or corey hill's. Diaz wasn't going to sub manny and he wasn't going to take him out standing. Manny will win the remath. Sherdog speaks the truth on this occasion.

Just what I was thinking

Nate Diaz ain't no bitch

Manny would have won.

Nate fought the same way in a few of the prelims. Let the guy spaz, let him get on top, look for the submission and land it in the second round.

Nate was hardly saved by the injury. Quite to the contrary, Nate's quick sprawl helped set up the injury.

Stupid Manny, should have never said that it was a re-occuring injury for him. Id be scared to give him a contract.

nate was still gonna win the fight IMO.

"Manny has NO finishing ability, he's the Armenian Rashad"

Rashad finished his last 2 fights in a combined total of 8 minutes.

Personally I am happy I didn't have to watch Manny tito-hump Nate to a JD.