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Our Mission: Camp Sherdog is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting group training in the mixed martial arts ("MMA") in Brazil. Camp Sherdog aims to create an environment where martial artists can live, receive top caliber MMA instructions, train together, and celebrate the mixed martial arts in Brazil at an affordable price. Camp Sherdog is aimed at those individuals, who have at least a rudimentary foundation in the martial arts and wish to dedicate themselves full time to the study of MMA.

Training Facilities: Currently Sherdog Camp is researching for the best MMA school based on cost, quality of training, academy structure, human resources, location and safety on surround areas.

This training trip will start June 5th, 2005. Sherdog Camp California members will fly first and establish the camp, few days later people from all over the world will be arriving Brazil.

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I have been here in the states for the last 2 years. I saved some money, so I could dedicate my life 100% towards MMA.
There's a lot of people out there who think the same, so let's do this.
If you go to those gracie camps, you are gonna spend some BIG money.
But I have a better plan. Check it out: In my hometown, Sao Paulo, the cost of training for unlimited training tops $30U.S dollars.
However, Sao Paulo is huge, dangerous, way too many clubs. things to do.. Same in Rio. It is the best place to train BJJ in Brazil, but its also the best place to get robbed if you are a gringo. Rio, Sao Paulo.. Too many distractions.
So I was thinking about training at Manaus or Curitiba. What do you guys think?
Now, lets talk about finances.
Airfare: $700 tops for R/T.
Training (Vale Tudo, BJJ) $180 for 6 mounths.
Room and Board ($800 to $1000) depending on the number of people.
All that will sum $1880. Now, maybe there will be people who's planning to stay a lot longer, or less. It's all good.
I just think it would be really cool if we get a group of some crazy mofos together, who are really into MMA. Fuck, we could pay for privates.. Set up our own hours.
If you guys can come up with that much money, or close; there will be no worries about a thing. All we have to do is train. Shit, we could set this up nicely. Having a gym at our house.
Dollars in brazil triplicates. Rent is cheap, so is food.
So, who's down for that? Let me know. Everything is negotiable.
Sherdog Camp mailing list is now rolling. Join us at please post the info resquested there.

How does June 2005 sounds like? It will give us some time to get ready.
EDIT: I just want to make very clear that no one is giving me any money. All i ask is that you pay for your own things.
We are also trying to set up a web page, e-mail me at if you can help.



Awesome idea, if only one didn't have school to pull away :(