Sherdog Canada contest!

Sherdog sent me 2 free dvds by accident. When I e-mailed him back he said that he appreciated the support and that I should keep them.

Now I have these two dvds, KOTC - Sin City & "Pride - Beasts From The East 2, already. So Sherdog and I decided that we will give these dvds away!

Since getting dvds from the USA is tough they will stay in Canada and be given out via a contest.

All you have to do to be entered into the contest is send an e-mail to me at with your name, phone, address etc and I will get my Wife in hospital to draw two lucky winners.

To top this all off, Fateh has given me 2 free shirts which I will give with each dvd.

My Wife will draw the names Monday!

Requirements are that you live in Canada and not be my ex-girlfriend.

Thanx to Sherdog for a great contest.

What do you think?


Classy Gesture!

I will throw in some UFC DVDs.

This Canadian Forum intrigues me. You can all thank BSF.

Thanx Saucy! Alright! Do you want people to send their address and stuff to you?

I have been informed that because these DVD's are property of, they are to be returned to

Since I am an employee of, send the dvd's to me and I will make sure they get back to Jeff when I head down to California over Christmas.


Too late!

The contest has begun!

As long as you are not my ex-girlfriend and you are in Canada you can enter!

Nice try though.



Your wife is picking the winners so just email me the name and addresses so I can send out the UFC DVDs.

There's going to be two winners, correct?

Trying to burry the rumor that sherdog hates Canadians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where did that rumor come from? Trommsdorff hated us ;)

As for the contest..I'm in!

btw, Sherdog is cool shit!!!

I want to enter the sherdog lookalike contest.

I also want to enter the "dougie ex girlfriend" lookalike contest...


Woohoo! I'm on this like white on rice.

Big props to Canada's true representative of MMA (sorry BSF, Dougie has more goodwill in him), Fateh, Sherdog and SaucyLV/UFC.

And a pre-emptive thanks to Dougies wife for picking me =^)

sucking up won't help you win UVR

I should know. Once I was kissing Saucy's ass and she charged me with sexual assault.

Nothing wrong with honest brown-nosing.

It was only the 5th time.

Sherdog and Dougee are pure class acts for their acts of generosity.

Dougee's ex-girlfriend is also extremely generous. have mail. Those are DVD's I'm missing from the collection...:)

Ok Saucy! When my Wife picks the winners I will e-mail their addresses to you so you can send some UFC dvds.

Thanx! You rock!

Wow, I love doing fun stuff like this.


Doug, did you get my email by chance ? My internet has been whacky tonight...


Yes I did JHR. I was at Fateh's working out. I just sent you a confirmation.

I will get my Wife to draw these 2 picks and announce them Monday!

That's awesome of everybody involved. Wayta be the embassador of good will around here, Dougie.