Sherdog = ESPN

Congrats to Sherdog!

I hope they all get paid a lot more and enjoy all the spoils.

Congrats to sherdog. Really incredible.

"They thought it was a fad, and one they didn't invent or have a piece of, which is why they are late to the party."

True. I used to work for ESPN and tried to get them to cover it back in 1999/2000. They couldn't quite grasp what it was back then, and didn't think it would grow to what it is today.

Glad to see they're hopping on board now and hope they give it the coverage it deserves. It was good to see Chack on the cover and featured in the magazine.



ttt, kool

i like the canadian column sherdog has. it is called mm-eh, and it always tells me good stuff about what happens up here.

lol @ all the banned sherdoggers bitching in this thread!

i wish sherdog didnt ban so many people, it really brings down the level of this forum when all those douches come here after getting kicked out of there.

Sherdog is great. It's better than here even more now with ESPN than ever!!!...

Sherdog is easily the best MMA site on the net.
Hopefully this will give them presscredintials to the UFC aswell.