Sherdog's Guide to TUF 9

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                                Sherdog's Guide to TUF 9

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In the annals of “The Ultimate Fighter” history, only one other fighter has ever been eliminated, brought back and actually won his fight upon returning. Season seven’s CB Dollaway was the first. Last week, Frank Lester became the second, securing his place in the books and in the semi-finals with the remaining winners.

At this juncture, the entire cast has fought once (Jason Pierce notwithstanding) and it’s time to figure out who will be facing whom in the semi-finals.

As usual, UFC President Dana White meets with the coaches to discuss what kind of matchups they’d like to see. Once White has their input, he turns to the fighters themselves to see whom they’d like to meet. Then, once he’s gotten all the recommendations, he pretty much disregards it all and makes his own choices. This season is no exception.

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