Sherdog's News Page Summed Up...

Don't get me wrong, I fucks with Sherdog bruh, but has anyone else noticed they never deviate from the template?

Shit there is getting stale like Jesus bread bruh.

For example, lets say "UFC 2000" is jumping off, here's the shit you will see on Sherdog for weeks....

Sherdog’s Guide to UFC 2000

UFC 2000 Preview: The Prelims

UFC 2000 Preview: The Main Card

Post-Mortem: UFC 2000

Winners and Losers: UFC 2000

Storylines That Emerged From UFC 2000

5 Matches to Make After UFC 2000

Sherdog Official Mixed Martial Arts Rankings : Post UFC 2000

The Weekday Wrap : UFC 2000

The Weekend Wrap : UFC 2000

The Doggy Bag: My thoughts on UFC 2000

The Weekly Wrap: UFC 2000

Post-Post-Mortem : Reflecting on UFC 2000

 They also have reporters on site for nearly every Japanese show, running a live chat at the wee hours of the AM.

Go check out MMA Junkie during a DREAM event and see what kind of content they have.

Why don't you start your own website bruh. You'd probably do a much better job yourself. I'm sure we'd all be on there constantly.

Fail Sonnen - UFC dominates Sherdog now? Last time i was there, every article was anti-Zuffa. Did they ever get their press passes back?

Yes around September of last year.

Then they lost them December of last year following an article from Jake Rossen that was a best antiz Zuffa for the hell of it, or at worse libelous.

What is Sherdog?

Compared to who exactly is Sherdog overly UFC-based in their articles and coverage?

It's pretty rare you see MMAWeekly, BE, MMAJunkie, whoever covering tiny Finland events and other random European shows. Sherdog does.

 This thread needs more swag.

 a yeah....... they're a format, just like before & after every oher sport. if you wanna pick on sherdog, your doing it wrong-MM

Inmagine that, a consistent format!

As long as you ignore their editorials, Sherdog's news section is amazing. PBP coverage of everything, the Breeniac letting people know the top 5 P4P strawweight fighters in Sri Lanka, and better interviews.

Good source of info. is my favorite.


Love the Junkie, but any UFC-only related website talk should start with them.