Sherk for Wandy

I think the biggest problem with this "trade" isn't so much that Sherk isn't in the same class as Wandy, its that Sherk, it's that Sherk isn't nearly the draw Wandy is. Wandy puts butts in the seats. Sherk doesn't.

Trade Wandy for GSP, if they can find people in Pride to fight GSP at some catch-weight...

Id rather see a game BJ vs Gomi then sherk. Best we can hope for a lay and pray by sherk or Gomi destroying sherks face.

"Id rather see a game BJ vs Gomi then sherk. Best we can hope for a lay and pray by sherk or Gomi destroying sherks face."

Agree. Sherk would not win against Gomi. But even if he did it would be 15 minutes of lay and pray.

BJ vs. Gomi rematch would be the most anticipated fight in LW history.

It would be like Fedor vs. Crocop 2.


"Gomi's wrestling sucks, and he's not dangerous off his back."

Gomi's wrestling sucks? that guy is from Kiguchi Dojo one of the most respected wrestling clubs in Japan.

the guy beat Ishida in combat wrestling before. The guy was an awesome wrestler. Gomi is a great wrestler who is not that good off his back. Simple as that.

He just changed his style after he lost to Penn. He became a KO artist.

lol@reach of a t-rex

TTT for Sherk v. Gomi.

It would be Gomi by KO btw.

Yeah thinking Sherk actually needs to beat someone in the top ten within the past 10 years before being hailed as god is retarded

One of these days, I'm going to have to ask Sakikibara whether EVILYOSHIDA swallows, or just spits.

"If you don't think Sherk has the ability to do this, you are either Gomi or directly related to Gomi.

I have nothing further. "

I have something further. Gomi kills Sherk. And I'm a Sherk fan....

Gomi definitely over Sherk.

He would annihilate Sherk.

Sherk would beat Gomi.

The whole point of this is to actually see the fights. If you cant put bias
of one org or another make a legit argument instead of lol @you. The fact
is that sherk would be the strongest guy gomi would face, he could put
him against the cage and pound him in the ufc. In the ring Gomi would
probably have an advantage based on striking and the ring stopping
takedown attempts for him. In the cage sherk could just leg drive a
double intothe cage similar to how GSP DID SHERK

The thing is Gomi is just too good for Sherk.

Now, if it was Penn that is something else. Even then, it would be a really close fight.

Saying Sean Sherk has yet to live up the hype his jockriders have made for him has nothing to do with bias for an organisation

What does sherks hype have to do with a matchup between him and

Well one guy has beaten some of the absolute best fighters in his weightclass

The other has beaten nobody in the top 10 in any weightclass since Wanderlei had a ponytail

that makes more sense than bitching about his hype. gomi has plenty of
hype and aurelio subbed his ass and took him to the distance VERY

What kidpresentable said.

Sherk is that good, and would molest Gomi, my God, he cant stop td's... And LOL@referencing GSP, please, GSP would make Gomi look like a kid in the ring/cage.

Gomi deserves his hype unlike Sherk. Gomi has beaten Mishima, Pulver, Kawajiri, Sakurai, Ishida, Aurelio

Seriously thats not even up for debate

And Sherk is not Aurelio. Different styles. One guy is a dryhumper and the other is a dangerous submission guy