Sherk/Franca: THANK GOD!

Now you can ask mma fans,"So what did you think about Sherk/Franca?" and if they loved it, you know they are probably a legit fan and if they hated it you know you're dealing the opposite.

It's kinda like how you can ask someone if they believe in astrology to find out if they're intelligent. It's very practical to have these sorts of questions on hand, especially if you're trying to figure out if you should invite someone to your UFC party.

Them: "God...Sherk/Franca had me bored to tears!"

You: "Uh..ya, dude...we'll probably skip the ufc this weekend...card isn't looking too hot. And the next ufc too...not looking so great either."

Wrong. I'm a big a fan as anybody here, since '93, grappling and boxing backgound.....and I still didn't appreciate Sherk's slick guard passes and rabbit punching. Not the wost fight ever, but not worthy of $40 either.

He's not exactly a big finisher. I do like watching him fight, but in the UFC he's been far more exciting in losing than winning. I'd like to see him finish via ground and pound, submission, KO, TKO....ANYTHING !

You can pretty much expect in his future fightas to either win via long, methodical 5 round dry humping and rabbit punching.....or to lose in exciting fashion.

Did you seriously just write that ALL Hermes had was a busted nose? Maybe its just me but a busted nose from being hit sounds like a negative thing to have happened to you in a fight.

"All of the supposed domination and all Hermes got was a busted nose"

^^ So all the takedowns, Guard passes and ground positioning counted for nothing huh? its MMA which means is striking plus grappling....

i wouldnt have minded the ground fight IF some on ewould have done something with it. why is that so hard to understand?

"Seriosly if Randy Couture fights the same way vs. Gonzaga as Sherk did vs. Franca, everyone is going to scream how great he is."

Shh, this is not a place for logic, only passion and emotion.

Randy bores me to death against Tito as well, but the forum loved his ass over it. It's all down to sad haters and not having father figures to champion - poor adolescents :(

Can I sit somewhere in between.

I loved last nights Sherk fight...BUT if he fights like this every time - 5 round decision wins - I will end up turning on him.

In his defense, he doesn't actually have that many decision wins on his record: ,
but his last 3 fights against top competition have been.

"I loved last nights Sherk fight...BUT if he fights like this every time - 5 round decision wins - I will end up turning on him."

I feel u on that.

Well, Franca would have been an absurd little figure as champ anyway.

Anyone who wasn't blown away by Sherk's guard passes against a BJJ black belt don't know dick and should be dealt with accordingly. That being said, I really, really wish he would finish a fight.