Sherk Gets Attacked After Fight!

So You Think You Tough 4 Extreme Fighting & Kickboxing Held April 17, 2004 Kona Gymnasium, Kona, Hawaii

By Chris Onzuka
For this event, promoter Sonny Westbrook brought in UFC veteran and top welterweight contender, Sean Sherk to take on local favorite Kaleo Padilla. Padilla is known for his knock out power, while Sherk is a powerful wrestler, the classic striker versus grappler match up. On this night, the grappler was able to implement his game plan over his opponent, but not without a few complications. Padilla has been working on his grappling and sprawled out of the first couple shot attempts, but Sherk increased the intensity and follow through with his shots and got Padilla to the ground. Sherk then transitioned to the mount and punched Padilla. Padilla rolled over and after a little scramble, Sherk got to north-south position and locked in a tight head and arm choke. He almost finished the fight, but Padilla who was near the ropes scooted out of the ring causing a restart. Needless to say, Sherk was pissed. Sherk took Padilla down again by doubling up on his shots and dominated position on the ground, ending the first round. Sherk was more conservative in the second round, due to the fact that Padilla knew that all Sherk was going to do was shoot in for the takedown and Padilla was ready for it. Sherk now had to take some time to set up his shots. Padilla had one more opportunity to take advantage of the "puncher's chance," but Sherk was too fast and took Padilla to the ground. This time, he drug Padilla to the center of the ring and punched, causing Padilla to turn over. Sherk took his back and stretched Padilla out. Padilla defended the rear-naked choke well, but Sherk locked in a tight neck crank for the submission. Immediately following the end of the bout, Padilla's father rushed the ring and punched Sherk. Kaleo Padilla covered up Sherk and tried to shield and protect him from his father until the ring was cleared of all the people who rushed into the ring. The adrenaline from the event and the final incident must have spread to the crowd as a fight broke out in the crowd."


Its Frank shamrock vs Enson Inoue all over again..


bull shit show hawaian fighters are poor losers i heard sherk wants to fight padilla and his father and his brother and cousins at the same time in mn lol

Not too classy. I assume Sherk can press charges.

If I were the dad, I wouldn't have punch Sherk, but whip my son's ass instead.

ya its shit like that which people ouside ma hear about not all the great sportsmanship that goes on.Just the very few ass holes that pull stuff like that. Its a shame :(
Sorry to hear it Sean

They should have me for a cage monkey in Hawaii.Thats my job, keeping people out of the cage in two different promotions.