Sherk, go train with BTT

This guy would be unstoppable if you had a couple months training with BTT.

Could you imagine what Sherk would be like if he could apply a picture perfect neck crank?

I'm sure he's good at NC.

BTT?I think a good standup team wiould be better

Jaydub....let me clarify something for you, Paulson is
not at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and Sean does
not train with him, nor has he ever. Greg Nelson is
the head instructor at the Minnesota Martial Arts
Academy and is a black belt (the first I believe)
under Pedro Sauer, who rec'd his black belt from
Rickson. Pedro is widely recognized as one of the
best instructors and most technical BB in the world.

I just saw a similar thread to this on the BJJ forum,
where someone thought Paulson trains Sherk. Let me
assure you this is false. Erik comes to MMAA over the
holidays to visit family and does a 1 or 2 day
seminar...which Sean doesn't attend. Erik has very
good skills and puts on a good seminar. But he is in
no way Sean's coach or trainer.

Greg Nelson and Damian Hirtz cornered Sean at Bushido
and in Sean's last 3 or 4 local fights Paulson has not
been in his corner.

I just thought I'd help clear that up.

NO problem.....TTT for SHERK.

I must have missed something... What makes them the best of the best? How are they better than the elite teams like MFS, BTT, or Chute Box?