Sherk not fighting Top Ten?

Why are the big organizations avoiding him? He deserves to fight top ten competition..

Most fighters dont want any of Sherk IMHO.

Sucks too cause i think he could whoop Penn if given the chance.

it would be a war...that's for sure...IMO Sherk would beat him...but there's only one way to find out

"Most fighters dont want any of Sherk IMHO."

This DEAD ON!.

TKO calls and offers Sean a fight. Nobody will step up to fight him...fight goes away.

Super Brawl calls and offers Sean a fight...nobody will fight him....fight goes away.

If they can not get a TOP guy to fight him it isn't worth it for the promoters to pay to have him fly out and fight a guy who is .500 or barely over.

Sean is almost too much of a professional. If you knew the list of fighters who have turned down fights with Sean you would flip.

Sean says he will never list them here or in the press, but you know them. They are or were top 10 or higher.

If Sean had Baroni's gift for "telling it like it is" some top guys and promoters would have some explaining to do.

It's pathetic!!!!

sherk is a bad ass. top ten fighters have bad dreams of him!

Dennis would fight Sean. He is a professional and has balls. A promoter just needs to set it up.

A lot of fighters say they will fight on here, in the press, to promoters, whatever. But when it comes time to sign and reality sets in they back off.

One fighter who thinks he should be in the top 10 and in the UFC went as far as to say, "I'll fight anyone. Put them in the cage and I'll fight." He even named Sherk specifically.

When it came time to sign and he saw it was Sherk the promoter was offering he said, "Well, not Sherk."

He knows who he is!! He is also on the internet "asking" for fights too.

People do not realize that if Sean is given 6weeks to prepare and fair money he will literally fight anyone from 165-180lbs in the world.

BJ, Hughes, Trigg, Diaz, Karo, Hallman, Rodrigo Gracie, Sakuraba, Renzo, Sakurai, Gomi, Shields, whoever.

What would it acomplish to name them? They would deny it and STILL not fight him.

Why don't you start a thread that says: "Who won't fight Sherk?"

Sean does not want to say who they all are. But notice how the ONLY fighter who is in the top 20 who responded to Sean was Hallman.

Sure guys who are up and coming or have .500 records responded, but where were the top guys???

The same is true of those who contacted Sean directly, NONE!

"Hell, Maybe Sean needs to fight Kimbo and get his bread"

We talked about that. Sean's response, "Hope he can fight off his back." At this point I think he was serious.

Sherk is the most ducked in MMA.

Sean Sherk is, along with the likes of Randy Couture, the epitome of what an elite, professional MMA should be. Of course there are more, too, but these two really stick out.

All Sean does is train like a machine, win fights and do so convincingly, act with honor, class, and dignity at all times with everyone, and set an example for all to exemplify. Strange how this is not enough to get a top fight with a top opponent, for top money. I was under the impression that the push was for the sport of MMA to be accepted as a credible sport. Instead we so often see haphazard matchmaking, fighters getting dropped even when they win, trash talking, flamboyant fighters with mediocre records getting breaks, much less proven fighters given shots, and Sean has to fight small shows for small money against opponents who should not be in there with him. No disrespect to those opponents whatsoever. They deserve credit for stepping up with one of the very best of the best. But it is not fair nor does it lend credibility to the sport.

The longer this goes, the greater the chance for something going wrong. Sean could, God forbid, get injured, sick, or have some other catastrophe befall him. Then he never gets what he has already earned. As far fetched as it seems, there really is also the chance that he could get caught by something freakish by an unknown and then he gets pushed even further back. I know this doesn't seem likely with Sean's skills, but what if he goes into a fight injured, sick, mentally distracted by some emergency and one of these young fire breathers fights the fight of his life? It is possible for Sean to get caught. He really is actually human. How many other elite fighters take the chances Sean takes to keep fighting and improving like he does?

I sure wish there was something we could do to help further Sean's cause.

Oh, and congratulations to Sean on the birth of his son.



props has to be given to Strebby who fought him with virtually no time to train, not that it would have made a difference anyway. But still.

You are correct. Sean was not exciting in the Pride sense.

But the rules of the UFC at the time dictated how he fought.

The problem was the UFC. They basically led the fighters, at that time, to believe that if they lost they were gone. So he did what he needed to win. Who can forget Militich saying "just win" to one of his guys?

If Dana White would have said to Sean, "You are a freak athlete with a cinder block chin. We don't care if you win or lose, just give us a great show and do something sensational." He would have been a mini-Vanderlai....and he probably still would have won. Instead he was fighting not to lose his spot in the show with a loss.

Sean does get the whole "show" of everything now after talking to Pride. They told him the rules of the game.

Look at Sean's record post Hughes. It is 11-0 with 10 stoppages all in the first round with one in the first :30 of round two.

What if he was an up and coming fighter who was simply 11-0 (opposed to 31-1) with all wins via finish. Would you still say he is boring?


I really enjoyed his fight in Pride against Ueyama. He shut that man off in a totally dominating way. It looked like Ueyama had never been in the ring before. Total control.

It's too bad that the bigger shows don't sign him....

Hallman accepts a fight, now where are the promoters!!!!

I would like to witness him fighting Top ten competition before burn out sets in, he fights once a month with level b,c fighters.

Me too, i have seen Sean fight about 10 times and the Hughes fight and one other fight from back in 2000 (against a Canadian) are the only times i have seen him go into the 2nd round.

Is Hallman the only top ten guy who will step up to fight Sherk??

I thought there were talks of ROTR setting up a match between Sherk and Penn??What happened to that?

Sherk's next best option is ROTR. That promotion has skyrockted with talent/matchmaking.


ttt for shrek