Sherk should be ranked higher!

According to mmaweekly new rankings Sean Sherk barley cracks the top 10. They rank him 10 which is total bullshit since throughout his career has been in the top 5 at welter weight and is the current champion in the ufc at 155. Sean would go through Prides light weights like a hot knife through butter.

MMA Weekly Rankings

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (160 pounds and lower)

1 Lightweight Fighter in the World: Takanori Gomi

  1. Hayato Sakurai

  2. Gilbert Melendez

  3. Tatsuya Kawajiri

  4. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro

  5. Shinya Aoki

  6. Joachim Hansen

  7. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto

  8. Mitsuhiro Ishida

  9. Sean Sherk

Yeah beating a 17 year old Karo and a Nick Diaz that thought it was a wrestling match makes him god

He was overhyped at WW and he is overhyped at LW

I liked the first one, but the second one seemed kind of repetitive and Eddie Murphy's character really started getting on my nerves. Haven't seen the third one yet. Is it out?

"except for totaly different body types, he is the fighter i most want to stylistically fight like, i view his game as being nearly complete"

What is your definition of complete?

I think he's severely lacking in certain areas...

kind felt sorry for Ishida, like I said before he shouldn't fight Gomi too soon

Hey tikmovado, not to highjack this thread but, what are those gross pit things on the fingers on your profile pic, ewww

Who has he actually beat at LW though? that's the problem, he can't be ranked higher until he has a string of impressive LW wins.

I believe he could beat some of the guys above him, but that doesn't mean he deserves to be ranked higher.

I agree

Sherk can beat anyone in the top 10, but still needs to show and do more at this weight class.

That's exactly my point...

Same thing goes about BJ...Yeah, okay fine, he's moving down and by speculation alone, he could probably win...

But it has to be done and not just speculated...

Chuck is ranked very high in the LHW division because he has actually KO'd a bunch of guys...A "who's who" list as Rogan likes to put it of KO victims...It's written in stone because it's already done...

Sherk and BJ nuthuggers keep saying stuff that is simply, speculation...Nothing more...Fighters shouldn't get ranked on speculation...

I like BJ but reading lines like "BJ by whatever he wants" or "He has a very good chance of going through the LW division and then going back up to WW and getting both titles" is ridiculous