Sherk vs Diaz results?????

Anyone know the results? And if possable a play by play would be great. Thanks.


Sherk. Tough fight.

Sherk by neck crank....

The fight started with Charles looking to land some big shots on the feet, Sherk with a super fast shot took Charles down and was trying to advance position..he passed Charles gaurd and mounted Charles reversed from the bottom a couple times only to get taken back down. It ended it round two with Sherk putting a mean neck crank on Charles..good fight.

TTT for Sherk!!

thanks for the update

I agree with ya FCVALETUDO, i dont see anyone beating sherk with the exception of hughes.

I'm game for a Sherk/Trigg fight. That's a great matchup.

I would actually like to see Charles fight Sean again in a
cage. I thought he got scewed a couple times on the position
of the re-starts. He also broke his hand to start the second
round. Congrats to Sherk he has a bad ass double leg. Also
congrats to Charles Diaz, definatly the fight of the night.

I agree GOrilla Charles was looking real good and Sean wanted nothing to do with him on the feet....

Good fight but it would have been better in the cage..


to me it looked like Sherk was frustrated, he didn't land any
punches at all, not even from the mount. I thought Larry
could've stood them up a couple times in R1.

I know I was yelling stand them up so was Eddie Bravo and half the croud but what ever....

TTT for Sherk. I think SHerk would only use the cage to his advantage. Watch his fights, he'll land the double leg, and push the other guy up against the fence, with no place to go and no restart.

Any more details would be apprecaited.

Considering they almost fell out of the ring a coupla of times, I would like to see them in a cage too! I think Diaz was exceptional! He was very agressive & seemed to be in control of the fight until Sherk got the neck crank.

The restarts did suck.......

hubble, it think the ring definatly worked against Charles.
Every reversal he had ended up going into the ropes and got
momita, it was actually a key lock... he set it up with a head
and arm and stepped over his arm for a pretty sick keylock



Sounds like a good scrap. I would also love to chime in and say Sherk/Trigg would be great.

This was a pretty exciting fight. I was a little upset that twice Sherk was rolled with Charles ontop. But they were in the ropes and the ref restarted TWICE in the wrong position. I still think Sherk would have won but the fight would have been a much better fight. Also Sherk did not win by neck crank. He won by kimura using his legs. Not sure what it is called but it is when you kimura the guy by tucking his hand under your calf in the side mount. I have the whole fight on video. I will try and post it.


Grapple you are 100 percent correct everytime Charles got on top the ropes tangled them..