Sherk vs Gomi @ 165lbs

Who wants to see Sherk vs Gomi at 165??

Enough of the Sherk :30 fights!

Sherk vs Shaolin?

Sherk vs Varisimo

Sherk vs Newton

sherk would wreck gomi.
sherk vs. charuto would be interesting.

Sherk would most likely beat Gomi via decision. He wouldn't finish him.

Thats not to bash Sherk, its just that Gomi is one of the hardest guys (if not THE hardest) to finish in the sport.

I sure can't speak for him, but I think Sean would jump at the chance to fight any top tier fighter, especially in a major promotion for decent money. Lord knows he's earned it. He's always in shape, he's hungry, represents all that is good about our sport, and seems ready to fight pretty much all the time.

How's about someone stepping up and signing Sean to fight any top contenders in a major venue?

My dream match is Sherk vs Penn,im hoping that ROTR can get this fight signed.

Lord only knows wtf Zuffa is thinkin.

sounds great....I think the "NEW" Sherk would take
Gomi apart.

legends is working to get that fight signed. sherk vs. penn.

that would be an awesome fight.