Sherk vs. Shields who wins

How about a sherk vs. shields? we know they both can wrestle but who will win in mma?

I like shields, but....



sherk is a fuggin animal!

Sherk by "Couture's spanking of Ortiz".

sherk is no doubt a monster.. but judging by his performance at adcc.. i think shields has a good chance at taking ANYONE's back and finishing them.


keep it coming guys

I have trained with both. As of today I would pick shields.




Lol mr. Shields

"lol! shields easily."

Proof that crack doesnt smoke itself!

Jake "Motherfucking" Shields

Sherk beat Karo twice. Why does no one ever remember this or bother to look it up. He also beat Benji Radach.

That seems like a bad matchup for Shields. I'd certainly be rooting for shields....but i wouldn't be betting on that fight.

Shields would put Sherk to sleep then tuck him in.

Only if he made Sherk watch one of his fights.

j/f Jake but i still gotta go with Sherk.