Sherk vs TUF winner.....

From what i have seen so far Mr Sherk could GNP any of these guys while eating a yummy taco.

From what I have seen I have to agree.
None of those guys are ready for Sherk.

Yea, the UFC wouldn't sacrifice a guy that they can build up over the next year or two by having him fight Sherk.

^even if they have a few tune up fights it wont br enough. not even close. Sherk is a monster at that weight.

from what I've seen, not many people are going to be able to hang with Sherk anytime soon.

I wish Dana would of stacked that show with more talent so we could get a legit contender.

I dont see BJ hanging around at that weight long enough to get a shot. i know he could if he wanted to but i just dont think he cares enough about the light weight division to make that effort all the time. And if he wins the title and moves up again what was the point. i want there to be a champ that hangs around and dominates like Hughes did.

"I dont see BJ hanging around at that weight long enough to get a shot."

He gets a shot if he beats Pulver.

^nope. im not sure bj can handle Sherks power and conditioning. styles make fights and Sherk has alot of Matt Hughes in his game. plus BJ gets tired to fast. stlyes make fights and I dont think BJ matches up well with Sherk. GNP

Sherk is capable of steam rolling anybody in the world. But you are simply not paying attention, imo, if you don't think there are a few people on that show at least that don't have the potential to become title contenders in the future.

^ yes there are fighters that could one day be champ, just not as long as Sherk is around. thats all.

Well some of them are about 10 years younger so it may not be an issue

Im not sure BJ can beat Sherk. i know im going to catch alot of crap for this statement.

how about sherk vs top 10 opponent for a change? i mean zuffa owns pride now, so there shouldnt be any problems finding one.

Manven, Joe, and Nate are all potential contenders. The rest are okay.

"Im not sure BJ can beat Sherk. i know im going to catch alot of crap for this statement. "

I totally agree.  Sherk is a smaller version of Matt Hughes but with a better striking game.  BJ will never be a contender unless he get some cardio.  With good cardio BJ would be unreal. 

BJ "should" beat Jens and "should" beat Sherk, but when it comes to BJ, no victory is ever assured. The guy's mental and physical conditioning are just huge question marks every time out.

the way Cole threw around Nate and pretty much punched him at will made me think twice about his ability. Before that fight i had him winning the whole thing.

I think the talent level on this season of TUF is very high. There are at least 4 or 5 guys on that show who will do very well in the UFC.

I agree that Sherk is a beast, but the UFC 155lb division is stacked and is about to become even more so as we see more and more Pride guys like Hansen, Kawajiri or Melendez come over. Kenny Florian went the distance with Sherk and I don't think he's even in the top 10(world wide that is). That's no disrespect to Florian, who has looked really good lately, it just shows you how stacked 155 is.

As good as Sherk is, it's going to be really difficult for anybody to hold onto that belt for an extened period of time based on the talent level in the division.

Good point nhbguy. and tomato can is also correct. I dont see BJ having the drive to make that weight. I dont think he has the hunger anymore.