Sherk's Worst Nightmare (Vid)


dont see why anyone would laugh, he'd knock Sherk senseless.


Just because you don't know Kermit Cintron doesn't mean you should write him off. He's a bad mofo.

Doesn't know what a guillotine is... Will lose.

Good hands, but Sherk has a good chin too. GSP is the only guy to stop him and that was not standing nor was Sherk actually knocked out. Kermit better have a nasty clinch game and TD defense if he wants to fight Sherk in MMA.

Kermit used to wrestle did he not?

"Kermit used to wrestle did he not?"

There are a million guys out there who "used to wrestle." A better question is... How good is Kermit's wrestling? It will need to be pretty damn good to keep Sherk off him in the octagon.

An even better question is....if Kermit also has a wrestling background, can he be considered "just a boxer"? Because i thought that this was what it came down to, can a "pure boxer" from pro boxing come into MMA and do anything?

Sherk by death

Ttt for later

what about Razor fight this guy in WEC instead of Sherk ?
Razor has much better stand up then Sherk , his wrestling isn't as good ( as Sherk) but still will have better wrestling & subs than Kermit.

"Kermit used to wrestle did he not? "

Rumor has it he was an outstanding wrestler in High School. He even had scholorship offers from Ohio State to wrestle.

Citron is a very good boxer and title contneder.

Let's just say Kermit has amazing wrestling skills. Are they SO good that he can keep Sherk literally off of him the entire fight?

No clinch?

No takedowns?

All Sherk needs is one clinch or one take down and the fight is over. See Frank Shamrock/Kevin Jackson if you need more details....

"Because i thought that this was what it came down to, can a "pure boxer" from pro boxing come into MMA and do anything?"

Is that what Dana is reducing the argument to? I thought his challenge was out there for any pro boxer to accept.

Did you see how easily Nick Diaz sprawled on Sherk?

Cintron is like an inch shorter than him but a wrestling god compared to Diaz