Shibbyguy is the CHAMPEEN!


this will get me more dumb sluts than i ever imagined

i fought my ass off for that belt...NAN, Lyles, and Elcid all witnessed

 You should photoshop on some muscles.

i need no muscles to be the champion

 Hahaha What weight? I might challenge you for it.


the champeen! that is all i shall be known by

 Congrats on getting the championship belt, shibby. You deserve it!

 Ya, congrats Shibby!  It is well earned.

I fought my ass off and finally will get the credit i have long deserved...

thanks guys, i couldnt have got it without your support

 now get you a green name ho.

Take a good, long look fight fans. Thats is what a champion looks like. Look it up in an encyclopedia, that picture should be there. If it isnt, we as fans, will all be suffering.


that guy is one good looking sumbitch to...just saying, that is what we need as champions...and what a beautiful belt i have...

nan you think kenny would like it?

Is that seriously Shibby? I was wondering who that guy was? I still don't get this joke at all. Only time Shibby stepped in the cage was when the fights had been over for half a hour. Is that the belt that came up missing from Mikey's gym a few years ago?

 I'm confused.

really? i could have sworn this was posted as a pretty sure everyone at the show was laughing about it

but youre right turd...ive been caught!!!!

 You lied to me! I never would have posted this thread if I had known you gained that belt through unethical means!

I was at the event and had no idea what this was all about. Most of the crowd had already left by that time. We were standing cageside drinking beers and I noticed the belt as you were walking out of the cage and I almost stopped you to ask what was going on.

should could have met the undisputed champion of the world