Shields & Cesar still on good terms?

 It just seems weird to me that there is no writeup about Jake's fight tongiht on

There is usually some hype/news when one of Cesar's fighters has a big fight coming up, but if you read down the news page it's just lots of Diaz nuthugging.  Just curious if Shields & Cesar are still cool. 

I know that Nick and Jake trained together for this fight, and if Cesar is not cool with you, Nick is not cool with you, so I'd guess everything is fine.

They're cool.

Always liked Cesar.  Hope Nick and Jake win 2nite.

I'm pretty sure Cesar allows Dan Black to webmaster at graciefighter.
Dan and Nick are buddies.
Dan helps promote Nick a lot.
I think you're reading too much into whats promoted on Cesar's site.
Jake and Cesar are cool as far as I know.