Shields vs Hendo possible

According to MMAjunkie. I would love for this fight to happen. Shields would get his head knocked off. I know i know thats what they said Lawler would do. But come on this is Hendo we are talking about.

I'd like to see another aerial attack by Hendo.

 RIP Jake

shields by guillotine

If Dan were to lose, there would be a trillion threads on how Dan was overrated.

Dan Henderson is eyeing Gegard and Fedor. You have to remember, Jake Shields is a natural WW, and Dan Henderson is a natural LHW. Dan doesn't even like cutting to MW, unless it's an opportunity to face Anderson Silva, Dan wanted the Bisping fight to be at LHW but eventually agreed to take the fight at MW.

Honestly, if Dan fights Jake, it will be ugly, size does matter. Look for Hendo to literally run through Shields.

I'd much rather see Dan fight Gegard right now, if he wins impressively, set up the Fedor fight!