Shifty ufc

Glad I didn't pay for it

Between this UFC and the last one, I'm done paying for them. FUUUUUUCK that shit. DC was my odds on fav to win, but Rumble just went full retard and then there's the co-main... bleh.

Only saw the Main event but 'twas bad.

the whole show was fucked from the weigh ins to disqualifying the girl from competing, to ignoring Cormier's cheating, to officiating, etc.

This product is not worth paying to view it.

Didn't pay for it. Sounds like it was a letdown, for sure.

Won't stop me from buying UFC 211 though. That card has me primed.

Got it and enjoyed it. Good fights. The Weidman fight ending was strange. Oh well.

I watched it, idk why you guys are so mad. None of what people are complaining about is the fault of the ufc. They tried to give us the fight we all wanted with Dc and Aj. The ref fucked up with Weidman. The chick fight was good. I love the Alves win. Will Brooks getting choked out in minutes. What the fuck more do you want?