Shihan David James, Vee Arnis Jits

I am just curious in knowing what were the reasons behind the closing of David James Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self Defence that was located on Park Place in NYC? I recently walked by the area and discovered the school is no longer there. The location was ideal with lots of space and it was also well equipped. Even though it has been five years since I visited his school, during that time he was booming with business. I did an internet search and discovered that he is now teaching out of the Fight House located on 27th Street. To go from owning your own school to having to teach in a place that is basically a room rental center for martial artists seems like a huge setback. I am curious in knowing what happened? I know he taught a somewhat outdated martial art system so could it have been that he lost students and wasn't getting new student due to everyone wanting more realistic systems such as BBJ, kick boxing, and MMA ?