Shiite-Sunni violence kills dozens

yet more proof that the U.S. being in Iraq is not the problem but rather a symptom of the real problem that is muslims by and large are intollerant and cannot peacefully coexist with anybody else - not even other muslims (shiia's vs. sunnis vs kurds). everybody apparently thinks everything was peachy over there when the sunnis were slaughtering the shiia's and kurds by the tens and hundreds of thousands over the past 35 years but now that we are there trying to make things right all of the problems started. that is a nice, shallow, and convenient way to look at it ... but its wrong. look at the big picture and realize who and what the real problem is over there (hint: its not the U.S.)

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Nope, Israel and America are to blamefor Muslims being responsible for 90% of todays major conflicts.

LOL, yeah if israel and america are to blame for the problems of the muslims like the muslims keep saying they are then why are there huge problems with muslims killing hindus and other non-muslims in india ? and in russia/chechnyia ? is that israel and america's fault too ?? it makes a great recruiting tool for the muslims who are largely uneducated save for the religious schools and even madrassas they attend but they should ask themselves why have they not even been able to get along with each other over the past 1400 years ??? why are the sunnis and shiia's killing each other in iraq (as they have for 1400 years )?? violence and intolerance is just engrained in that religion ...

None of this violence was around before Israel's thievery of Palestinian land!!!!! Fact!

consensus reality: okay, and what about the mass graves they found with like over 300,000 bodies in them ... oh, and how about when when they gassed the kurds and tens of thousands died while even more suffered permanent damages to themselves and their offspring ?

Bush is a uniter, not a divider.

Things in Riaq were MUCH safer uder saddam

Funny how the Iraqis didn't vote him or someone like him back in power.

Oh well, I guess armchair quarterbacks know what better for Iraq than the Iraqis

from what i understand, using poison gas on people has been outlawed by the UN and other international bodies.

and jack is right: the only people who woulda voted for saddam were sunni's which are a huge minority in iraq. are you saying that the shiia's and kurds woulda voted for saddam ?? oh boy, that is really ignorant. shiia's got like, what, 70% of the last vote ? and saddam was a sunni (who brutalized the shiia's and kurds) so given the centuries old civil war between the shiia's and sunnis its hard for me to believe the shiia majority woulda voted for him. to suggest so is just pathetic. and you were LOL @ me ...

and here are your links genius (this is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts the other peeps on the thread):

"International groups have estimated that more than 300,000 people died during the 24-year rule of Saddam Hussein, the embassy said earlier this week. Iraq's Human Rights ministry has identified 40 possible mass grave sites."

sometimes things get worse before they get better, sometimes in life one has to take a few steps backwards before they can start moving forward again. things are not great in iraq now, but hopefully in 10 years or so iraq, iran (with their more progressive younger generation), and afghanistan will be better places and plant the seeds of freedom and democracy in an area of the world that desperately needs it.

"Bush is a uniter, not a divider"

I thought that Bush was The Decider.

300,000 people killed are just casualties of war ? the kurds and shiia's were iraqis and killed by saddam - what 'war' are you talking about ???

good point, but there are many accusations and proven cases of saddam killing his own people (i.e. the kurds and shiites). for example, saddam gassed the kurds in i think 1988 resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and which also had lingering effects for future generations and for the environment that they lived in (e.g. the water was poisened).

hey, what do you know (?) islamists killed 40 more people in somolia today which further proves my point that the US in iraq is not the problem but rather a symptom of the problem that is islam/radical islam.

keep in mind, these are the same somoli islamists that killed two people for watching the world cup. apparently muslims, in their long tradition of intolerance (and violence) don't like people to decide for themselves what they would like to watch on TV ...

p.s. update, they just had a segment on the CBS evenening news where they dug-up another mass grave of kurds but this one was entirely women and even children who had been shot in the head with a small caliber handgun. but i guess as long as its muslims who are killing people its okay ...