Shin Do Kumate VI -- Nov 19th

Are any of you guys going to this event at USF next week? What do you think of this event? By chance, are any of you fighting in this one? Here's the link...

I've seen some re-runs of the past fights on local tv but never been in person. Just wondering if it's worth the time and money to see it live.


I went to one last year it was ok, but this price for the talent was a bit steep.

It looks like it has gotten better now though.

I have talked to the promoters to try to get MMA, Old shooto stlye or even submission grappling on the card, but no luck yet.

Good luck. It would be great to get any of those on the card there. I don't think Master Merhdad teaches any grappling so that's probably why it's hard to get them to accept it. Keep trying G66, there's a whole group of guys on here who will support you with this.

anywone who calls themself a master is a freak, especially in the fight world.
"master toothless"

I bow to you "Master Toothless"

When are the lazy folks gonna get in the gym and train? Grappler66 shows up. Getting some good technical training in. Don't know what their missing.

dammit laren, leave the fat guys alone.
sucks in his gut
I'll probably be able to come in tomorow. I'll call Dimitri and see if he can make it too.

Why don't they consider letting us do a submission match on the Shindo Kumite card?

because they're weirdo's man come on... "master merdad" are u frikkin kidding me????
how does one become a master anyway? master baiter is more like it. do they have any decent fighters?

ruthlesstoothless have you been to one of these shows?lots of broken bones and KO's.Fairtex team dominated one show.merdad was supposed to fight the winner of a fight beteen a guy he had already beaten and a K-1 fighter.K-1 killed guy in 30 seconds merdad didnt want any .Good Mauy Thai from around the world.Dont knock it.

when I see a decent fighter from merdad's camp I'll do a fucking back flip. when I see merdad actually fight someone who's not a nobody, I'll do 2 fucking backflips!!!