Shin Splints from Skipping rope

I'v been doing skipping rope lately to train for a boxing match and my shins just kill, if i walk there okay but if i wanna do cardio like running or skipping then the pain comes back,

how long will the pain last??

and how do I treat such a condition?

I used to get a lot of pain when I would run on concrete. My phy Therapist gave me these stretches specifically for the shins that I started doing and the pain went away. Tough to describe but i'll give it a go:

1. Sit on a chair with knees at a 90 degree angle. Put both your feet flat on the floor and tap your feet (not lifting your heel off the ground) consistently and quickly for 20 secs each foot and do 3-5 repetitions for each foot.

2. Sitting down, cross your legs with one foot on top of the opposite knee and push your foot downwards creating a straight line from knee to toe. Hold for 10-12 seconds and repeat 3-5 times each foot.

Then try your skipping. Maybe rest a few days first to give the shins a break then next time you skip try these stretches right before.

Please be careful with your shins! I had shin splints but kept jumping rope, cause I thought it was some sort of muscle thing. I used to run but I hadnt done sports for years. I'm quite ignorant, and did 1-1,5 hrs daily (20-30 rounds). It eventually got worse up to the point of not being able to walk without some serious pain.

I rested for 2 months but it didnt heal completely. Went to the doctor and after some x-ray and gamma-ray(?) I've been told I have stress fractures in my shins.

6 months later the pain is gone but still not completely recovered. Be careful.

Rest. Ice your shins. Take anti-inflammatories. Do therapy like laser and ultra sound stuff (anti-inflammatory). Dont jump rope, do bicycle instead. If the pain is very bad go to a specialist and ask him to do x-ray and the gamma thing. The stretches Molson says also work great, do them always, but if you still get the pain go to the doctor just in case. Shin splints can also be removed surgically. Good luck.


One method I have been told about to fix shin spints is to take a weight plate, lay it your foot so that half of it touches the floor, and lift it so that your heel is the only part of your foot still on the floor. Do these in sets of 10 and build up the muscles in the affected area.

The other thing to do is look at your footwear. I think boxing shoes are really quite bad for your feet. You should train in a nice comfy pair of cross training shoes that incorporate forefoot cushioning. Do make sure though that they are proper technical sports shoes made by Asics, Brooks or New Balance. ALL of the other shoe companies are pretending compared to ASICS and Brooks and NB are streets ahead in technology compared to the rest.

StuMc, has that weight plate idea really worked for you? Sounds interesting.

First, take it easy and let them heal. Tap your feet all the time.

Dumbbell dorsi-flexion helped me tremendously. Sit on a bench and hold on. Stick your legs out in front of you with a dumbbell held between your feet. Dorsi flex your ankle for 20-25 repetitions.

I can't stress the importance of letting it heal enough. You must rest. When you do start the rope again, ice them with a cryocup after the session.

I get bad pains in my shins if I run on a treadmill but I don't get them if I go road-running.

Anyone have any theories on this one?

Go here:

There is a guy at my gym that gets shin splints, and he raps electric tape round his leg from just below the knee to the ankle, about 4 or 5 raps. He rekns that this helps.

But from what everyone says about shin splints i guess you just have to let them heal.

I noticed I only it shin splints when I was combining running an skipping; I could handle either/or, but within a few days or bringing either back in to the mix I would get shin splints again.

I eventually gave up on skipping rope, I got more benefit from the running. Phone Post

Dont jump rope on a hard surface. Preferably something bouncy to take some of the impact

"I'v been doing skipping rope lately"

I've been skipping rope lately*

"if i walk there okay"

They're not there.

"and how do I treat such a condition?"

And how do i treat...* Sentences start with a capital letter.


Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

I used this method as well as orthotics and a chiropractor to fix my issues. My feet splade when I run causing extra shock up my leg (orthotics), and I had uneven hips from keeping and sitting on my wallet in my back pocket. Phone Post

Do you have good running shoes? Shoes are a very important part of avoiding shin splints. Phone Post