shin splints

Are there any good body weight stuff to help prevent these?.I do scott sonnon's 4c balance drill would this help any ?Thanks

Everything that strengthens the legs i would say. I tend to get shin splints quickly so i gave up long distance running completely and do only sprints in the forest if at all and replaced the running with other exercises.

when you say you outgrow them, do you mean your body somehow adapts or something?

My shins just started to randomly hurt, at first it was just the inside of my right foot, now its the entire shin on both legs. And I STOPPED my training after the first shin injury as well, and its getten WORSE...

I dont know what to do, but Im going to try to see a sport therapist or something.

Shin splints are a rather generic term that can mean a variety of things.  The worst case scenario would be stress fractures.  Stress fractures will not magically get better, you need to STOP running and let them heal, then start back SLOWLY making sure you get enough calcium, magnesium, and vit. C.

I thought shin splints were the result of over-worked small muscles of the lower front leg.

I believe you're right, but along with shin splints, stress fractures and compartment syndrome all have a common mechanism of development, so what you think of as simple shin splints could be something far more serious.

7 years in the the army taught me that the best thing to keep shinsplints from bothering you is to stretch that area alot! I had 2 stretches that I loved when I was in and they worked great... never had a problem after.

Its hard to describe in words but the idea is to stretch the muscles along the front of your foot and shin almost like a straight ankle lock position.

I used to pull my foot up and put my toes in the crook of my elbow and put my forearm along the top of my foot and apply a pressure that rolled my foot down (toes toward heel) and pulled the shin muscles also. man it felt good

I hope you can figure out what the hell im saying cause I know for a fact it works great!

Just mess around with similar stretches of that area, youll find something thats works for you

I agree with buffgeo. stretch stretch stretch. before and after. when I was training a lot, the shin splints were so painful that I could barely walk. stretch!!