Shin Splints

I have had a problem with my left leg which, I presume, is a shin splint. This has been on going for almost 7 months and although the pain was bothersome it didn't detract me from training much until recently. I have a fight coming up (my first MMA fight) and I went for a run Monday morning followed by a Sandbag session which solely consisted of power cleans and front squats. After this brutal workout I was relaxing and getting ready to go to training that night.

Naturally I was really fatigued anyway but I couldn't believe how sore and stiff my left leg was. I could hardly bend my leg at all, it was so painful sitting in guard. I put this down to the running as it has never happened before. To aggrevate matters even furthur, I was still recouperating from an injured right ankle. My question is how to counter this shin splint? I want to resume my running and sandbag training ASAP but I don't want to do it to the detriment of my skills training.

Shin Splints usually consist of a more or less sharp and defined pain in the shin area. They can be caused by running without proper preparation or heavy impact movements. The way you describe it doesn't sound like a Shin Splint though.