Shin to Shin kicks....

 Apparantly banana trees are the answer to all of us who have dropped by shin to shin.

 it sucks and the pain just stays with you for weeks, it hurt me more when i got my kick checked, i threw it pretty hard thinking that he wasnt going to check the kick, i was wrong...

   When I was a kid me and two of my buddies were goofing around on one of their front lawns.  They were throwing low kicks back and forth as hard as they could.  It was a total fluke when both right legs came together mid shin. They were both wearing shorts and strangly enough the smaller of the two suffered the least damaged with a fractured shin and a torn tibial tendon. The larger kids shin snapped clean in half Corey Hill style except when he went down the upper bone must have been a radial fracture as it stuck about 2 inches into the dirt.  I will never forget the sight of him trying to pull his leg out of the sod and all of the muck stuck in the bone.  I get fucking chills thinking about it....

Outside the liver shot it's the most painful.

Hitting a knee is worse.

I got dropped yesterday from shin on shin contact.. it hurt so fucking bad

 Yeah shins on shin hurts sooo bad, when I first started training I was sure my shins were made out of vaginas cuz they never stopped hurting even with shinpads. Luckily the deadend up a bit but a good shin to shin clash and man, that still is enough to make you wanna cry.

My shins hurt like the devil when I first started basic Thai boxing.

I've got a scar that runs from the bottom of my right kneecap to the middle of my shinbone from checking a low kick high up on my shin the first time I was dumb enough to spar without shinpads. That thing just would not stop bleeding. It was ugly as hell for a long time. The hair wouldn't grow back over it right and it was all lumpy. But 8 years later, it's pretty much fine. Still there, but doesn't look nearly as bad.

I am blaming this thread for my new found limp. A god shin to shin while sparring.....the best is when you know how bad it hurts but you wait until the end of the round to cry....

I did MT for 12 years and to tell you the truth, for me, when I checked or got checked in a low kick exchange it always hurt to a point, I did all the conditioning there was and this helped of corse, but guys who basically try to tell you there shins are totally dead and they feel nothing I dont believe.

MT is a tough game, win lose of draw you always felt like you had been in a car wreck the next day after a fight.

Mostly a combination of mental toughness, technique and relentless conditioning.

I sparred and traded shin kicks with a Kyokushin guy once. In our minds, he was representing Kyokushin and I was representing MT. I was blasting him in the shins and although it stung, I was NOT going to give in. But he took it and gave it right back.

I found out later I had about a centimeter deep dent in my shin. No more representing MT.

Bull_in_chinashop -  knee to the face (accidental but hard as I was shooting in) > shin2shin
Agreed my face got busted up like this, chipped tooth,closed eye.

Me and my friend used to take turns kicking each other in the shins. Not a good idea, But funny to watch other peoples reactions.


I would say instep to knee is the worst. Infact I stopped wearing shin guards because of it. I feel its a false sense of security and I don't pick my shots as well. Which is how I ended up kicking someones knee.

I broke my foot when I kicked a guy (short) and he brought the his knee whey back to check it.

I never kicked short again.

Like has been said above.... I have dents chips and lumps all up and down both shins....

I literaly have serrated shins as a result of MT.

What I have learnt is if you do MT you have to kick fast and with conviction, dont hold back in fear of the check, as you will be checked.
I also had most success landing the kick with 1,2 punch left hook then right low kick on the way out.... its a day 1 combination but it worked for me.... I never leaded with a right low as it can be seen a mile off and it got checked often... so I always favored a punch combination to ocupy the guy and then go low on the way out.

Corey Hill is all i have to add to this thread.

knee to knee is the worst

I am a bitch. I do not train muay thai primarily because of the shin kick. I am black and have black people legs. High calves, skinny ankles. I have seen one too many shin break videos. It frightens me. My best friend has been training muay thai on and off since he was about 6 (hes thai). His shins are like concrete compared to mine.

Ill stick to boxing wrestling and jiu jitsu. Since i have no intention of fighting professionally i dont see it as a problem. My little shotokan kicks are good enough for me.

Id rather have my orbital cracked again than to get kicked hard in the shins.


:20 into the video... even Pele who's been doing muay thai for years had his shin busted to all hell.

Conditioning doesn't always prevent it. Sometimes the angle is just... right. :<br />