Shindo Gradings?

Anyone have the results on the gradings?

alot of bruises?..;P

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Just a short note to say it was one of the best experiences I have had (mind you, i dont get out much)in my time involved in martial arts training.

Richard Springall and Sonny Suharto were awarded their brown belt after 15 x 3min rounds, JJ and Adrian McDonald were awarded their black belts after 20 x 3min rounds of super tough action. Matt Cooper and Christiano both gave the boys plenty of curry and got plenty back in return.

The many heads of schools in attendence were very impressed, as was I.

Congratulations guys I was extremely proud and I look forward to seeing you progress even further from this point of achievement.


Special thanks to all cornerman and supporters.

congrats to all, especially to JJ.

i like curry! :))

well done again to kez and the gang. great day!

...jaje, this isnt over you know! warms up twister

Congrads JJ and Adrian


OK Coops, in retrospect the curry was a very bad idea. Your running constently to the toilet while holding your butt kind of took the shine of the proceedings (as well as the enamel on the toilet).

Congratulations to Kerry & all the boys that graded.

I had the previlige of being one of the officials. Because of the respect I have for Kerry as a person & a martial artist (Also the high standards he sets for "Shindo" & himself), I especially made the trek down from Toowoomba.It lived up to expectations and more (it had a real wanting to achieve and respectful atmosphere ..........)

It was a tough & physically draining grading, but that still allowed for plenty of good technique demonsratated, through their sparing. To me it typified what gradings are all about, especially "Black Belt" level.

Well Done!!!

Well done, Jakeasaurus! A Shindo black belt sounds like a VERY high honour :)

Hey Joe.Your presence there only added more credability to the days proceedings and thanks for coming down and showing your support.

Well done guys, be proud of your achievements!!!