Shine 2 weigh-ins Thursday in Miami

Shine II: American Top Team vs. The World weigh-ins will be Thursday at 5pm at Finnegan's River at 401 SW 3rd Ave in Miami.

Event is Friday at the James L. Knight Center at 400 SE 2nd Ave in Miami.

Tickets still available! Here's the card:


* Roan Carneiro vs. Jorge Patino
* Yves Edwards vs. James Warfield
* Luiz Firmino vs. Ryan Healy
* Micah Miller vs. Anthony Morrison
* Flavio Alvaro vs. Jean Silva


* Junior Assuncao vs. Pete Grimes
* James Brasco vs. Herbert Goodman
* Phil Friedman vs. Brian Fuery
* Danny Chavez vs. Jonatas Gurgel