Shine fight results....anyone..anyone, Bueller?

The curious are in the need to know. Where is the love.

Go Warfield!

Still undercard fights.

and yves will win.

on a side not the flooring in the ring looks really slippery.

I ordered it. From there website.


Has Goodman fought yet?

Yeah.... he just won. Black guy from the HIT squad right?

was far behind on the score cards, 3rd the fight got stood up and got the tko.

up next

Junior Assuncao (154.5) Vs. Pete Grimes (149.75)

commentating is not the

I stopped being cheap and bought it, now I cant get the feed

lol...... i thought i was the only guy who bought it.

Is it just me or does the canvas look really loos and slippery?


I am stupid, I got it


James Warfied is worth way more than 10 bucks, we were smart with our money

as is Yves

I agree, FOTN for sure, and yeah, the mat does look slick

I got Junior winning so far

yeah..... neither looks really good tonight, imo

not a barnburner by any means, lots of control. Grimey had a cool spinning back kick that didn't connect though.