Shining Wizard & Burning Hammer???

These moves were listed on another forum as the most overused finishers on the Indy circuit. What are they? Any pics or video?

Don't know about the burning hammer, but the shining wizard is the move the Hurricane uses where he runs in at his opponent (who is on there knees, upright) and does a kick to the head, mid air. I probably haven't explained it totally correctly, but hopefully you'll recognise what i'm talking about!


A Version of the Shining Wizard:

It was originally done using a knee, but has been modified.

..searching for a Burning Hammer..

Burning Hammer

Thanks Jabroni!

isn't that the death valley driver....aka the spikoley driver??? (or whatever??)

nope,..DVD is when the guy on your back is facing down..

For the record,the Shining Wizard is done when someone steps off of their opponent's knee.

When you see someone run up and just kick someone such as the Hurricane's finisher or the move in the above gif,it is called the Shining Apprentice.

P.S.Keiji Mutoh Rules.

you are correct,sir..that's the closest I could find =)

lol @ shining apprentice!

..and yes Mutoh DOES rule!

If I could only find the clickwrestle vid of him, that was awesome.

Here is a pretty detailed article on the whole shining wizard/shining apprentice/shining dragon/hagakure move genre.

Thanks yo.

Hell yeah, that's cool as shite.