Shinja Aoki is the last man standing

Saw the thread yesterday where Edson Draggo got busted with a buncha coke and looked up his record and saw he returned to MMA this year and went 2-0 after five years of retirement. Pulled up the whole PRIDE 34 card that took place April 8th 2007, fourteen years ago, most of the fighters on that card are retired now. A few, like Draggo have had a couple fights on small shows over the last five years but that is about it.

Of all those competitors from that last PRIDE event fourteen years ago, only Aoki is out there still competing regularly at a high level in ONE. He held the title in 2019 and since losing it is just doing Aoki things like winning and submitting people. 4-0 with three subs since he lost the title.

Sidenote- Aoki has to be the only fighter in MMA history to have competed in Shooto, DEEP, PRIDE, DREAM, K1, IGF, RIZIN and ONE. Just missing Pancrase when it comes to the legendary Japanese and broader Asian promotions.

Stateside he also had Strikeforce and Bellator fights.

31 subs
18 year career
Former Shooto/DREAM/ONE champ.


How do you even rate a guy like that all time? Yeah, he’s been around forever, had some success in asia, but when it comes to his shots in the US? He’s been outright embarrassed and dominated. Like he didn’t even belong in the same cage as the guys who were champions of the B level MMA promotions.

So do we put on the blinders the way that PRIDEfags do, where they ignore that all their favorite guys got half their wins against japanese pro wrestlers and then went on to have terrible records in the UFC against real competition?

Have you ever trained anything a day in your life? You really want to disrespect Aoki’s skills and talk about PRIDEfags and “B level MMA promotions” when a guy who beat Boku, McKee, Kitaoka, Clementi, Beerbolm, Kawajiri, Aurelio, Hansen, Alvarez etc… is being discussed?

You clearly are either trolling or having never trained a day in your life. Please stop sharing your useless opinions in my threads as I’m not wasting another moment of life engaging your a. retarded or b. trolling posts.

Go away, thanks.

So Aoki beat Boku, McKee, Kitaoka, Clementi, Beerbolm, Kawajiri, Aurelio, Hansen, Alvarez, Uno, Nagata, JZ, Sotiropolous, Black and lots of other tough fighters over multiple eras and there are still trolls on the UG in 2021 who will bash his achievement because they have never trained nothing and worship a promotion.

How pathetic do you have to be to worship a fucking promotion?

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Embarrassed and dominated in real promotions.

Aoki is an exciting fighter to watch. I’ve seen him dominate bigger, stockier guys and get worked by others. That doesn’t change how badass he is.


Yeah Askren was too big for him and caught him early but I think that could have gone a lot longer on another night.

Aoki honestly lost me as a fan for a while when I saw him break Hirota’s arm and then give him the finger but his ground game has always been real interesting to watch.

He was even doing well grappling Tonon until he wasn’t.