Shinsho Anzai vs. Roger Zapata

Up next... I got Zapata

Hi Card!

I picked Zapata.

Holy fence grab

Another fence grab... wow

why hasnt a point been taken away Phone Post 3.0


So... TKO by finger bang?


Horrible reffing not taking a point. Then allowing a fighter to call time on an injury? I bet Anzai's coach is furious! Phone Post 3.0

You could hear the "OH SHIT I DUN GOOF'D" in the refs voice as he said "I'm sorry mate, I stepped in. Fight's over."

This is one of the few moments where the crowd doesn't boo when the fight is stopped due to injury. Good on ya, Japan

Horrible refereei g!
Clearly biased against the Jap. Phone Post 3.0

Kindly - 

So... TKO by finger bang?

Called it.

The cheerful translator is awesome at her job.