Shintoyoshin Ryu

Where I live, there is a fellow who teaches Shintoyoshin Ryu. I trained with him for a short while, and then started training in BJJ five years ago. When I tell people about training with me, I always tell them what the alternatives are in the area. Does anyone have any information on Shintoyoshin Ryu?

I would like to be able to inform prospective students accuarately about his style - but his national jujitsu organization has not returned my e-mails and could not provide any information during my phone calls.
(Please do not confuse this with Shindoyoshin Ryu!)

Is this Shihan Steven Roensch in Sarasota?

If so, it's basically a Traditional Karate hard style JJJ. A punch, kick or pressure point sets up every lock or takedown. There is little if any organized free grappling. They work closely with Wado Ryu & Suri Ryu Karate systems also. Very traditional with all the stance work, reverse punches, kata, etc.

Tell people if they are looking for a TMA school, to check it out.

If they want MMA or BJJ, they might be wasting time.

Anyone else??? . . .

never heard of a hard style karate jujitsu . . .

"never heard of a hard style karate jujitsu"

I'm not really familiar with it either, but from what I understand, it's worth a look.

This style of ju-jitsu competition has done a much better job in attaining international recognition than BJJ, and are included in the World Games. They have kata and "sparring" competition, which looks a little like a combination of judo + kyokushinkai. I looked around for some clips, but can't seem to find any on the net. is one sanctioning body.


Sounds kinda like Shorin Ryu, only a lot better lol

I have noticed that everyone that is a black belt in Shintoyoshin Ryu is a black belt in Shuri Ryu Karate, or some related style - except the black belt in my town! (When I studied Shuri Ryu in 1979, they had one jujitsu technique taught at blackbelt level . . . )

Just from my experience....

I attended a seminar given by a pretty high ranking SYJJ teacher a few years ago. He attempted to show many ground maneuvers that he didn't seem to be proficient at. I got the idea that he had just learned the moves off video himself. Maybe he had some cool things that he could pull off with finger & wrist locks but I think he was in over his head trying to teach complex ground work.

I still haven't gotten a reply to the e-mail I sent to the national headquarters regarding their style. . . I just like to tell prospective students about other options that they can pursue in our area. It doesn't sound right when you say there's this guy over there and I don't really know what he's doin' . . .