Shinya Aoki vs Kron Gracie Sunday..

Metamoris 2 is Sunday, w/ the following, I believe no gi submission grappling matches w/ my picks. What are yours?

Kron Gracie vs Shinya Aoki: KRON by decision

Brendan Schaub vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu: CYBORG by submission

Andre Galvao vs Rafael Lavato Jr: GALVAO by decision

Braulio Estima vs Rodolfo Vieira: RODOLFO by decision

JT Torres vs Victor Estima: VICTOR by decision

I'm gonna say Aoki. Phone Post

I thought it was submission or draw? Phone Post 3.0

Estima for the W...Kron also Phone Post 3.0

So it went from submission or draw...

To just a 20 minute match that a Gracie gets to pick the winner? rolls eyes

Galvao vs Ryron kind of was pissing me off in the first one because Galvao was trying to take him out, but Ryron claimed he was "keeping it playful" and pretty much that not getting tapped is a win in Gracie JJ. Phone Post 3.0