shipping from sherdog???

hello everyone... just was wondering if anyone knows the average shipping time for videos from these guys.. i know its close to the holidays so it may be a bit longer but im hoping to receive my order by xmas...
thanks to everyone here and at sherdog for providing excellent places for mma folks to hang out....

p.s- this is not a complaint to make them look bad, im just curious about their average shipping times...

Good luck. They are the worst company l have ordered from online. It takes them forever to get back to you and l have had problems more then once.

hmm.. thats not to reassuring... hopefully my experience wont be like that... i have ordered the kukuk 13 dvd set and 101 submissions... i cant wait for these to come in...

It took two weeks for my order to be shipped because what I ordered was out of stock.But on the plus side I recieved several e-mails why it was late and when it was going to be shipped.They responded to my e-mails pretty quick.I guess every body drops the ball every once in a while.E-mail sherdog yourself and ask when can you expect your videos thats what I did.Good Luck

will do.. hopefully ill get a quick response...

you guys are full of shit.

i ordered the ouano gloves and got it in 5 days, no shit.

ComputerWarrior must be a rare occurance at sherdog's. sherdog (the man himself), actually gives a shit, so you will get your stuff and maybe then some if it's wicked late.

sherdog has always given me great service.

it was ordered dec. 6th.... it is either probally backordered or due to being so close to xmas... like i said initially.. no complaints here... just curious..
thanks for the replies everyone

I am just telling you from my experience. It took over 2 months to get my shit first was KOTC box set 2nd was ADCC Volume 2. If they would have responded to my emails l might have got them quicker. Kosta why are we full of shit?

it has been my experience dealing with many MMA related companies online that Sherdog is the fastest at delivering items to you.

I've had good luck(?) using Sherdog.

still no worries.. emailed them last night got a reply today explaining its on backorder... still good service in my opinion

FYI... Sherdog has a pool.

I've had great luck with them, personally.


I ordered the KOTC box set and another DVD about a month ago , and recieved it within a week.

No complaints here.

I have to agree. Sherdog has always been fast about getting me my shit. You want to talk about a fucked up company, try getting ripped off by jiujitsu connection. Those fuckers will take your money and good luck ever seeing what you paid for. They are the worst.