Shipping Island DVD's?

Hey guys,

If Paylotas or anyone could give me an idea of how long it would take to ship DVD's to Memphis if I ordered on Monday, that would be great. I'm headed back to Australia next weekend, and just wanted to know whether to ship them here or send them down under instead.



I ordered some last night around 8 or 9pm EST and received an e-mail when I got in to work this morning say that they already shipped, so they seem to move pretty quickly.

This is my first time ordering from and I placed my order for the Dave Williams 5 DVD value set. I placed the order on 12-25-2003 and just got my e-mail on 01-06-2004.

Now I know that ordering on Christmas I'm not going to get direct responce that day, but I would think the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, or even the 30th would be acceptable for responce that my order has been shipped. Even the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even the 5th of the new year I would think that my order could be shipped. I didn't get an e-mail that my order was confirmed and shipped untill the 6th, 11 days later, and this doesnt even include the shipping time I'll need to wait now. And to think I even payed with a credit card so there was no check clearing time.

If I were you, I would order to where your going to be for the next 2-3 weeks cause if your order is as important as mine, it's going to be awhile!!

Good Luck

I appreciate the support and I hope that what I show helps you
become a bit better as a teacher or athlete.

Bruce may have done a bit of vacation time - I haven't talked to
him but I will soon.



You ordered on Xmas day. We were closed. Went back to work on Monday the 29th. We started shipping Davids DVDs on Tues the 30th. By New years eve we were swamped with Judo orders. all have been shipped priority mail. Sorry for the delay

See told you - Let us know what you think about the dvd's and
what you want to see in the future.


Customer communication!!!

That something that I can respect and appreciate! I look forward to the dvd's.