Shipping question Singer DVD

I still haven't recieved the Singer drill's DVD. Is anyone else having a problem recieving it? After reading the great review's I can't wait to see it.

just received mine yesterday :)

I ordered mine on 12-05-03, just can't wait to see it.

ticktockticktock aaaugh where is it????? :-)

I checked with Mike and he assured me that everything has shipped, and we always ship using priority mail. So it should all be there, or arriving. He was stuck at home for three days due to the ice and snow storm, when even the trains where not working. But he has been back in the office since Thursday, and everything is out.

For any questions you can reach him direct at:

For status on all video, dvd, & product orders call Mike at the distribution office toll free:


Office hours are 12-8pm PST

He will be happy to help with any questions you have.

His e-mail is However due to e-mail volume we suggest calling if at all possible.

Have a great day, and thank you for your business.

Mr. Thornton
Thanks I know it will arrive and didn't mean to harp so much, just excited about getting it. The only exposure I have to the mixed martial arts world is throught seminars, training materials and forums like this. Thanks again.

sounds great! can't wait!